Community’s Grenfell memorial will be built at site of tragedy

The UK government has announced that the west London community affected by the Grenfell tragedy last June will choose what will happen to the site.

A statement from the government said neither it nor Kensington and Chelsea council would stand in the way of any future plans determined by the community.

The statement said the site where 72 people lost their lives could be used again for housing, that a "fitting memorial" would be built on the site and that the nearby Latimer Road underground station may be renamed after the tower.

A community group including Grenfell survivors and bereaved family members will have a 50% vote on future decisions. Kensington and Chelsea council will transfer ownership of the site once a decision has been made, with the council not making any decisions to "undermine or determine" any plans.

It is unknown at this time what form the memorial will take or when it will be completed.

A recent Chartered Institute of Building survey noted that there was a crisis of quality in UK construction and an Arup study said that those living in four London towers had been in danger for 50 years.

Image: The Grenfell Tower burning (Natalie Oxford/CC 4.0)

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