Construction employees less likely to want Covid-19 vaccine than other professions

US construction workers are less likely to want a Covid-19 vaccine than other professions, according to market research firm Morning Consult.

53% of construction employees said they would have a vaccine if offered, whereas the average of willing working adults is 56%.

16,970 workers were questioned across 17 surveys between October 2020 to January 2021, Morning Consult says the findings have a 1% margin of error.

77% of those working in higher education expressed a willingness to be vaccinated, while the least willing of all were food and beverage workers, at 47%.

Graph courtesy of Morning Consult

The survey found that essential workers in fields such as construction, retail and leisure were less likely than workers in other sectors to want a jab.

Liz Royal, Service Employees International Union’s head, said: "We had a certain percentage that were like, ‘Yes, immediately, let’s do this,’ and then a lot that were saying, ‘I want to wait and see, this feels very rushed to me.'"

Top image courtesy of Tero Vesalainen/Dreamstime

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