Coronavirus empties US streets, allowing daytime construction on nocturnal sites

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has given the go-ahead to daytime construction on a bridge replacement project as traffic volume has eased in the wake of the coronavirus.

Work on Route 175 and Upper River Road in Ewing had previously taken place at night, but since fewer people are travelling, construction noise and disruption is deemed less of a problem.

The bridge is being built to carry traffic from the Scudder Falls Toll Bridge, and while work is being carried out between 8am and 8pm, traffic from Route 175 and Upper River Road will be redirected to NJ Route 29.

The Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project is due to open in late 2021.

Image: Scudder Falls Bridge (Aerolin55/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0)

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