Deck is completed on Ponte Italia in Genoa

The last span of the deck has been installed on Genoa bridge, 10 months after work began, and 20 months after the original structure the collapsed, killing 43 people.

The 44m-long, 900-tonne span was raised by strand jacks installed at the top of piers 11 and 12.

The whole of Ponte Italia (Bridge Italy) will be illuminated with the colours of the Italian flag until 1 May.

Health and safety measures were taken during construction to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including taking the temperature of every worker who entered the site, distributing masks and hand sanitisers, enforcing the safe distance rule, disinfecting work sites and common areas and reducing the number of people who travel in the same vehicle to and from the site.

Some 1,000 staff from the Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri joint venture worked on the 1,067m structure. Work remains to be completed on power generation and systems to monitor the bridge’s condition.


Salini Impregilo said in a press statement: "As Italians, we have a rich history in infrastructure. There are public works built by the ancient Romans 2,000 years ago that still exist and function. But today, public works are not eternal, they have a limited lifespan and are in need of maintenance.

"From this city a message of hope and future goes out, a great plan for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure in our country that would create millions of jobs. Let’s begin immediately with a new Marshall plan, using the success of this bridge as a model for the relaunch of Italy."

Images courtesy of Salini Impregilo

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