Developer to begin feasibility study into 300km Canadian Hyperloop

Canadian start-up TransPod has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Alberta for a 300km Hyperloop line linking the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

If completed, the Hyperloop will travel in a ground-level protected guideway, with services departing every few minutes and travelling at speeds of up to 1,000km/h.

Following the signing, TransPod will conduct a feasibility study and start preliminary work on a test track.

The agreement will allow private investment to begin on the billion-dollar project, which may create an estimated 38,000 jobs over a decade-long development cycle.

If all goes to plan, construction will start on the project in 2025.

Ric McIver, Alberta’s minister of transportation, said: "By supporting TransPod’s feasibility study, Alberta Transportation will provide important information contributing to the research, development, testing, and construction of a full inter-city TransPod line between Edmonton and Calgary."

Images courtesy of Transpod

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  1. The Alberta Government should not have anything to do with this idea Alberta roads are in poor condition due to the lack of knowledge and investment This form of transport will not be affordable for the average person This project should be developed in a much larger populated area in the world where if cost effect would benefit a much larger population

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