Dubai police unveils Star Wars-style hoverbikes

The Dubai police force has unveiled a futuristic way of patrolling the city using aircraft that combine features of a quadcopter with a motorbike that appear similar to those seen in the Star Wars franchise.

Premiered at Dubai’s Gitex Technology Week, the craft can reach speeds of 70km/h and altitudes of 5m when piloted by a lone rider.

When controlled remotely, the Russian-made bikes can carry 300kg for 25 minutes at full speed. 

The Scorpion 3 model, which began as a crowdfunded project, is electrically powered with batteries that take around three hours to charge fully.  

When equipped with cameras, Dubai police plan to deploy the craft over tourist destinations with a video feed being relayed the control room of a police station.

It is unknown when the hoverbikes will be seen in action over the streets of Dubai – apparently the technology still needs to undergo further testing.

Image courtesy of the Dubai Police

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