Eiffage to team up with Google to accelerate the integration of AI

Image courtesy of Eiffage
French engineer Eiffage has partnered with Google Cloud to exploit the possibilities of AI in managing the carbon footprint of its IT systems and will teach employees about its benefits via its online training platform.

An AI platform will be created from multiple Google Cloud models, such as Apigee, BigQuery, Gemini and Vertex AI.

Jean Philippe Faure, Eiffage’s chief information officer, said: “AI is here to help our teams, regardless of their functions, entities, or geographies.

“This partnership aims to harness the full potential of our data, leveraging our integrated information system, the enterprise resource planning widely deployed across the group and various operations to improve efficiency, create value and drive sustainable growth while maintaining the highest security standards.”

  • This article has been edited to amend how EIffage plans to use AI
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