Extension to Utrecht’s cycle park makes it the largest in the world

A major extension to "Stationsplein" has been completed in the Dutch city of Utrecht, making it the largest in the world. The €30m development can accommodate 12,500 bikes on three levels, and is located at Utrecht Central, the largest transport hub in the Netherlands.

Stationsplein was created by the Municipality of Utrecht and two Dutch government agencies, ProRail and Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Ector Hoogstad Architects was the designer, BAM the contractor and Royal Haskoning the project manager.

The project’s 21,400 sq m has a maintenance station for repairs and servicing and space for 480 cargo bikes and other types that do not fit into regular spaces.

"The Netherlands is a very mobile country and the bike plus train are a golden combination," junior infrastructure minister Stientje van Veldhoven told the Dutch News website. "Thanks to this park bike you can cycle practically to the platform. The size of this project shows how many people, primarily commuters, are discovering the bike as a weapon against congestion."

Construction on the project began in 2014 and the first phase was completed in 2017, with Utrecht council commenting that spaces were filled on two weekdays, and between 80% and 90% full on the other three.

Now the second phase is complete, the park beats the previous record of 9,400 bikes held by Tokyo.

Royal Haskoning said it used building information modelling to ensure construction did not interfere with travellers and traffic at the station and other construction work taking place in the area.

Images courtesy of Petra Appelhof/Municipality of Utrecht

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