Finnish companies announce project to set global standard for building data

Seven Finnish companies have developed an "ecosystem" for collecting data on the design and maintenance of buildings, which they hope will create a global standard and speed the automation of construction.

The companies are lift-maker Kone, tech company Nokia, contractor YIT, building services supplier Caverion, air-handling specialist Halton, tech consultancy Netox and state-owned researcher VTT, which is coordinating the project.

A press statement from VTT commented: "The KEKO ecosystem aims to significantly improve the comfort, productivity and sustainability of buildings by integrating the data of all the technical systems in the built environment to a single platform."

Rauno Hatakka, head of Kone’s technology management unit, said his company planned to use the data to produce "solutions that will predict the needs of building users, and make these environments more functional and responsive".

Mika Nieminen, strategy and business development director for Halton, said bringing building data together in a single platform would "open whole new possibilities for creating human-centric indoor environments. These environments will offer smart comfort, security, sustainability and profitability".

The companies have been working on the ecosystem for the past two years, and say they have developed 100 use cases for the data it collects.

KEKO is now being tested by the seven founder members, however the aim is to invite companies with smart building expertise to take part in future projects. The companies hope to have a final version of the system available next year.  

Image: The KEKO team have identified 100 use-cases for their data

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