Floating plus-shaped pool to open in New York in 2025

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Kathy Hochul, New York’s governor, announced that $16m would spent to fund the testing of the “+ POOL”, a swimming pool in the shape of a plus that floats in water that it also filters.

A smaller version of the + POOL is due to be tested in the summer of 2024 and open to the public in 2025. It is capable of cleaning more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a day by filtering water through its walls, without the need for chemicals.

The 9,000 sq ft pool is customisable, allowing for lap swimming, lounging, watersports and children’s activities.

It is hoped that the pool will travel between sites, but the feasibility of that is currently being examined.

Governor Hochul said the pool would “allow New Yorkers to swim in clean, filtered water right under the city skyline”.

Eric Adams, New York’s mayor, said: “Do you know how long we fought for this? This was an invention that was possible, to be able to use our own waterways to have pools in communities that have historically been ignored.”

Kara Meyer, managing director of Friends of + POOL, said: “+ POOL reclaims New York’s natural resources by opening our waters. It restores the utility of our waterways. It gives everyone the ability to enjoy the water. It enables people to care for and coexist with nature.”

New York State will contribute $12m to the project, with the city chipping in $4m.

When originally announced in 2021, Arup worked on + Pool’s structure, mechanics and filtration systems, One Nature acted as the ecological consultant and McLaren Engineering was the marine engineer.

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