Fort Worth gets “plug-and-play” urban art bridge

An undulating wooden bridge commissioned by Fort Worth’s Public Arts Programme has been installed in a over a creek in the Texas city.

The “Drift” bridge was designed by Volkan Alkanoglu, an architect based in Portland, Oregon. His brainchild, which he describes as “plug-and-play urbanism”, looks like a boat from underneath and a tree branch from overhead. It also has irregular undulations and curves for seats and support.

The 62ft bridge also performs a public service, since there was no crossing over its creek for seven blocks.

Drift was prefabricated from wood, which was inspired by its location: the creek bed can run dry and be filled with driftwood and the surrounding mid-century ranch-style homes are clad in similar material.

Alkanoglu added: “While stitching the urban neighbourhood fabric back together, Drift also offers social and ecological opportunities for the local community through use of sustainable principles, which can alter our collective understanding of the built environment.”

Images courtesy of Volkan Alkanoglu/Peter Molick

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