Foster + Partners designs extension to Rioja winery

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners has designed an extension and refurbishment of the Bodegas Faustino vineyard in Rioja, adding a visitors’ centre, a photovoltaic roof and a vinification cellar.

The project, which builds on Foster’s own 2010 design, was commissioned by the fourth generation of the Martínez Zabala family to celebrate 160 years of wine-making.

The visitor centre has barrel-vaulted arches made from locally-sourced timber that create a column-free interior, and has an earth colour palette that blends with the terroir and red autumn vines.

The overhanging roof’s solar panels will produce almost six times the energy consumed by the building, and a central skylight and glazed façades will reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Existing buildings, including bottle and ageing cellars, offices and production yards, will be refurbished as part of the project.

Norman Foster, Foster + Partners’ founder, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with the Familia Martínez Zabala for the second time, having successfully completed Bodegas Portia back in 2010.

“Our new project comprises a series of sustainable interventions, ranging from the partial refurbishment of the existing facilities to a new visitors’ centre that provides a truly unique and immersive experience.”

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