Granite wins Texas flood defence contract from Army Engineer Corps

The Colorado River (Thaerjoseph/Dreamstime)
Californian contractor Granite has been awarded a $48m contract by the US Army Corps of Engineers to build flood defences for the city of Wharton, Texas.

Wharton is susceptible to flooding from the Colorado River, Caney Creek, Baughman Slough and Peach Creek so the work involves constructing four levees, five interior gravity sump areas, a storm sewer relief system and slope repairs.

The earthen levees will measure 11,800 linear feet, have a top width of 16ft, an average height of 8ft and a base width of 80ft.

The interior gravity sumps will have cast-in-place structures equipped with sluice and or flap gates to control the flow of water in the city.

The storm sewer relief systems will handle excessive rainfall, and slope repair along the Colorado River will bolster the stability of the river banks, mitigating erosion and reducing the potential for future flooding.

The project will be financed by the corps’ 2023 civil construction budget. Work is due to begin in September and be completed in December 2024.

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