Grant funds study into human-robot collaboration in construction

From left, Purdue researchers Yifu Wu, Jiansong Zhang, Jin Wei-Kocsis, Byung-Cheol Min, and Dongming Gan (Courtesy of Purdue University)
Five professors in Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute have received $150,000 from the National Science Foundation for a year’s research on human-robot collaboration on construction sites.

The researchers aim to create a human-robot collaboration framework to tackle the labour shortage and stagnant productivity.

“Our interdisciplinary team was formed in early 2020, and we have been working steadily toward a successful research proposal, so this award means a lot to us,” said principal investigator Jin Wei-Kocsis, associate professor of computer and information technology.

The research team will develop a proof-of-concept “worker-in-the-loop” interface for trials at construction sites. Trials will involve workshops, focus groups, training sessions, and surveys.

The grant lets the Purdue team build an interdisciplinary team of researchers with understanding of multi-human-multi-remote-robot (MHMRR) collaboration.

Also participating are Jiansong Zhang, assistant professor of construction management technology, Byung-Cheol “B.C.” Min, associate professor of computer and information technology, Mesut Akdere, professor of human resource development, and Dongming Gan, assistant professor of engineering technology.

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