Hadrian the bricklaying robot builds complete house in three days

A bricklaying robot named Hadrian was described in 2015 by Australian firm Fastbrick Robotics as capable of building the brick shell of a house in a matter of days, and it has now managed to complete the task.

What we have achieved here is a quantum leap for the construction industry– Mike Pivac, Fastbrick Robotics chief executive

The 180-sq-m, three bedroom, two bathroom structure was completed in under three days by Hadrian X, a new version of the robot.

After completion, Fastbrick Robotics said the structure met verified building standards set by a civil and structural engineering consultancy group.

Mike Pivac, Fastbrick Robotics chief executive, said: "We now have the world’s only fully automated, end-to-end bricklaying solution, with a massive market waiting for it.

"We will now take everything we’ve learned to date in the Hadrian X programme and make some refinements ahead of bringing both Hadrian X robots back to our High Wycombe facility for demonstration to key commercial stakeholders.

"We now begin the next exciting phase for the Company, as we execute our global commercialisation strategy to capitalise on the significant demand for our technology.

"What we have achieved here is a quantum leap for the construction industry."

Fastbrick Robotics’ house building follows Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the firm’s test facility, where Hadrian X managed to complete:

  • A two-course structure with a full combination of brick sizes, cuts and laying configurations;
  • An 11-course pillar structure to demonstrate the Hadrian X’s ability to build from slab to cap height
  • A two-room structure demonstrating the Hadrian X’s ability to build a larger structure on a slab from a 3D CAD model with the required accuracy.

Images of Hadrian X courtesy of Fastbrick Robotics

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  1. A great leap backwards for some future work-seekers…Jobs losses pending…But that is unavoidable given our human thinking, and vested interests of various people. Onwards and upwards..

  2. It would be more meaningful if the quantity of bricks laid was detailed.
    The photo appears to show a small example built with blockwork.
    Is this the example of what was built in 3 days or was it something more typical of the UK market?

  3. Portland, Oregon is slowly becoming a city of rich people in condos and poor people on the street. Mass production of housing units would help alleviate high rents and poverty there, as well in similar locations.

  4. OMG it’s scary at how advanced robots are getting now a days, to imagine a robot completely building a brick house in only three days is completely beside me. I don’t see jobs being lost, but jobs shifting to manage the robots who are doing the work. This is extremely fascinating at the same time.

  5. As a bricklayer I find this naturally worrying for my industry. If you think the maintenance of the machine or operation will even come close to the income it provides a entire workforce your naive. The problems with the industry lie within government training and actual employment. Majority of UK builder take sub contractors on over employed bricklayers change that and make it a job worth taking stop this stupidness

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