Henning Larsen to transform Denmark’s 30,000 sq m Esbjerg Bypark

Danish architect Henning Larsen has won a competition to revitalise the 30,000 sq m Esbjerg Bypark in southwest Denmark.

The harbour-side park dates back to Esbjerg’s founding in the 1800s, where early residents planted fir trees along the waterfront’s steep terrain to prevent coastal erosion.

As Esbjerg grew the park eventually became landlocked, and acted more as a windbreak.

Henning Larsen’s design is described as a "green cultural framework for the future of the evolving city", and will add new paths, plantings and multiple water features throughout the park.

Henning Larsen is working with Berlin-based landscape architects Topotek1, artist Eva Kock, and engineers Ingeniør’ne.

Salka Kudsk, Henning Larsen head of landscape, said: "We didn’t design a park because the park was already there.

"Instead, we are reconnecting the city back with its environment. It was initially practical, holding the sand in place and protecting the city from the wind.

"Over the years, it became a gathering place, but this identity has become less strong in recent years.

"In our new design, it will offer sensory experiences all year around, establishing it once again as the heart of Esbjerg."

Images courtesy of Henning Larsen

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