Honolulu metro to open next month

Honolulu (Michael Schmidt/Dreamstime)
The first phase of Honolulu’s metro system, a 17.7km line connecting Kualaka`i Station in east Kapolei and the Hālawa Station near Aloha Stadium is due to open to the public on 30 June.

Trains to each of the nine stations on the route will arrive every 10 minutes, with each stop having a distinct English and Hawaiian name. 

The metro will connect with other bus and rail services on the island of Oahu.

Further sections of the light rail system will open over the coming years, with the full service from east Kapolei to the Civic Centre expected to begin in 2031.

The system will become the first state-run metro system to contain driverless trains and platform screen doors.

Rick Blangiardi, Honolulu’s mayor, said: “This is truly a momentous and historic day for the island of Oahu. Today’s announcement marks the culmination of decades of hard work, perseverance and overcoming difficult challenges.”

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