“I love it and I hate it”: swimming through the air at the Houston Sky Pool

The viral video shows a man apparently walking through the air

A swimming pool cantilevered over the side of a Houston apartment block 500 feet above ground is testing the stomachs of viewers who watch this video on social media.

The Sky Pool is on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower, and extends 10 feet beyond the edge of the building, creating the illusion of flying while swimming.

The bottom of the pool is formed of 8-inch-thick plexiglass, so swimmers have no rational reason to worry about their safety.

The pool looks innocuous from the side (Courtesy of Market Apartments)

Meanwhile, the developer, who posted the video to their Facebook page, have got morepublicity than they could have dreamed of.

The developers enjoyed a publicity coup with a mention in Cosmopolitan magazine.

The tower with its choice of pools (Courtesy of Market Apartments)

"This Sky Pool is extremely terrifying and I want to swim in it very badly," said writer Laura Beck. "I love it and I hate it."

The pool is only open to residents and their guests. Residents can also enjoy a poker suite, indoor basketball court and movie theatre. Rents vary between $2,400 a month for a studio and $25,000 for a penthouse.

Top image: The viral video shows a man apparently walking through the air

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