International Federation of Consulting Engineers signs contracts in China and the Philippines

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) has signed two memorandums of understanding, one with the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry and another with the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA).

The two-year memorandum signed with CHINCA (pictured above) includes:

  • Establishing a resources-sharing framework
  • Work on the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Setting up a framework for publications, reports and market information
  • Joint working to support both organisations’ research activities
  • Encouraging Chinese contractors to use quality-based selection.

Nelson Ogunshakin, FIDIC’s chief executive, said: "This is a landmark moment for FIDIC and the construction and infrastructure industry in China.

"Both FIDIC and CHINCA represent businesses whose activities create a legacy that citizens experience for generations … so it is essential that we work together for the common good.

"I look forward to both organisations learning from each other and to a fruitful collaboration to ensure that we create better outcomes for our world and its citizens."

A two-year contract signed (pictured below) between the FIDIC and the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will focus on training government engineers and other construction workers in how to use FIDIC contracts.

A picture of the contract signing between the FIDIC and DTI (FIDIC)

FIDIC says the agreement will involve:

  • Implementation of the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-30, which aims to improve domestic construction services
  • DTI will conduct a national awareness campaign on FIDIC contracts and training on contract modules for those involved in government infrastructure contracts.

Rowel Barba, a DTI undersecretary, said: "The memorandum will pave the way for greater understanding and easier adoption of FIDIC contracts among Filipino engineers, particularly in the government agencies that implement official development assistance international competitive bidding and public-private partnership projects.

"We hope that this will lead to progress as we continue into the golden age of infrastructure in the Philippines."

Top image: A picture of the signing between the FIDIC and CHINCA (FIDIC)

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