Intertwined “Dutch Mountains” to rise over Eindhoven

Dutch architect Studio Marco Vermeulen has designed two interconnected hybrid timber towers for Eindhoven’s railway zone development.

The "Dutch Mountains", one 130m tall, the other 100m, will be built using glued laminated timber harvested from sustainably managed forests.

The connecting substructure will be made almost entirely from timber and the superstructure will be hybrid timber on a concrete base.

The two will contain offices, homes and a hotel, and the lower connected floors will have public spaces such as shops, art galleries, sports facilities, restaurants and a winter garden.

In terms of sustainability, rainwater will be collected on the roofs for use in the gardens and solar panels will be placed on the roofs, facade and on the connecting building.

The Dutch Mountains are one of the first projects announced for the Eindhoven railway zone in the Dommel’s river valley, linking the city centre to Eindhoven University of Technology.

Images courtesy of Studio Marco Vermeulen

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