Israel to test roads that supply power to moving vehicles

Israeli start-up ElectRoad is to test a prototype road that can charge vehicles moving along it.

The system works by embedding "energy strips" in the pavement to allow a wireless transfer of power.

ElectRoad say a 1km stretch of road could be fitted with the technology within half a day.

An 8cm deep channel is dug and filled with charging strips before being topped with bitumen. Meanwhile, a coil is placed underneath a vehicle so it can receive power.

Smart inverters are placed next to the road that are capable of giving a real-time reading of the energy used.

The test will be carried out next year using buses on a route in Tel Aviv; ElectRoad says the technology will work for all vehicles, and will allow them to distribute power between one another.

Oren Ezer Electroad, chief executive of ElectRoad, said: "Our technology is flexible. Only copper and rubber is needed, and deployment is quick and easy. We remove the energy source.

"The electricity will come from renewable energy transferred to the road. This is a really sustainable solution. A battery for an electric bus can cost $300,000 and weigh 5 tonnes."

This project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Images via ElectRoad

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