Japan robofarm “will produce 30,000 lettuce heads a day”

Construction is under way at Japan’s Kansai Science City on a farm that will be able to produce 30,000 head of lettuce every day, and will be entirely run by automated systems.

The client for the project is Spread, a Japanese industrial farming company. It already has a factory on the Kyoto site, called Kameoka, which produces 21,000 lettuce a day. Eventually, the firm hopes to produce as many as 500,000.

The company uses "vertical farming" and relies on robots for most tasks, with humans planting seeds overseeing the process.

The move to a fully automated system would halve personnel costs and cut energy spending by a third.

Spread say the new 4,400 square metre farm will use precise control over environment and nutrition to grow crops 2.5 times quicker than traditional farming.

Work on the "robofarm" is expected to be completed in 2017, with crops distributed in the second half of the year.

Images via Spread

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  1. Using technology is great but we have to be careful with the possible repercussions of this relentless drive.
    Where are the jobs for the masses?
    How are people going to earn a living to provide for their families, keep a roof over their heads?
    Aren’t we in danger of negating our very existence?
    We need the resources of the planet but does the planet really need us?
    What should peak population be & what should we be focusing on to make a self-sustaining world?
    To immortalise the KAISER CHIEFS here – “I Predict A Riot”

    We need to be very careful with this especially the development of artificial intelligence!!

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