Japanese and American team use AI and robotics to recycle materials after demolition

AMP Robotics from Denver, Colorado and Ryohshin from Toyama Prefecture, Japan, have partnered to create an AI powered robot which selects materials to be recycled following demolition.

Two robotic systems called "AI-Benkei" and "AI-Musashi" can recognise, sort, pick and process construction and demolition (C&D) debris, including metal, wood, electronics and concrete.

AI-Benkei is the heavy duty version of the product, able to handle debris weighing 40kg, and can process 25 metric tons of debris per hour.

AI-Musashi is a faster version, able to pick up 160 pieces of recyclable material per minute, and can pick through 10 metric tons of debris per hour.

AMP Robotics has licensed their Neuron AI technology to Ryohshin for use in the robotic systems in Japan, while AMP will use technology developed with Ryohshin for a new AMP Cortex system planned for sale in North America.

Matanya Horowitz, AMP Robotics chief executive, said: "The combination of AI-Benkei and AI-Musashi with AMP Neuron is a tremendous leap in technology and productivity for C&D businesses.

"We are excited about the market response and will launch our own next generation AMP Cortex robotics system for C&D in North America soon."

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