Klab Architects design nursery in style of a child’s sketch

Anglo-Greek design firm Klab Architects has designed this kindergarten for the town of Glyfada in southwest Greece in style that resembles children’s drawings.

The classrooms are grouped around a central courtyard (Maria Bisti)

The idea, according to Klab, was to design buildings that would "relate to the scale of its users". The main modules "draw inspiration from archetypal drawings of a house as perceived by a child".

The buildings are made from prefabricated modules that were brought in by truck, and are framed by wonky wooden pergolas.

A classroom in the school (Maria Bisti)

The "child’s drawing" style is continued in the interior of the nursery, which uses bold colours and asymmetrical patterns to create a friendly space for the children.

Top image: The interiors continue the child’s drawing theme (Maria Bisti)

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