Lack of cement and workers delay Ottawa rail project by 17 months

Ottawa Trillium line crossing het Rideau River (Lezumbalaberenjena/Public domain)
A project to extend Ottawa’s light rail system has been delayed 17 months as a result of labour and material shortages, according to the city’s director of rail operations.

Michael Morgan told a meeting of the council’s finance committee that the western extension to the network would not be complete until late 2026, reports The Standard newspaper.

Another extension in the south will have been delayed by a year when it completes next September.

“We’re seeing a lot of pressure on the availability of craft and there’s been some challenges, there’s a shortage of cement in North America,” Morgan said.

But he added that he and others working on the project had adapted to overcome supply chain challenges.

Morgan warned in August that “significant schedule pressures” would delay the western segment by up to a year.

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