Mass Timber Studio scheme aims to give NYC designers a love of wood

Wooden construction in New York (Brandt Bolding/Dreamstime)
A New York funding body has launched a project to encourage construction professionals in the city to make greater use of mass timber in their buildings.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation launched its “Mass Timber Studio” scheme as a technical assistance programme to support projects in the early phases of planning and design.

Applicants are being accepted to support analysis and design work, and those chosen will be given $25,000 grants.

The corporation’s goals include raising public awareness of timber’s economic benefits, connecting design teams with city officials and creating businesses and jobs. .

The project will be operated in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office for Climate and Environmental Justice, the USDA Forest Service and the Softwood Lumber Board.

Technical assistance will be provided by WoodWorks, and advisory support from the American Institute of Architects New York and the NYC Department of Buildings.

Andrew Kimball, the corporation’s president, said: “As a low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel, the deployment of mass timber construction in New York will be another bold step to drive the green economy while meeting the city’s ambitious climate goals.”

Victoria Cerullo, acting executive director of the Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice, said: “The Mass Timber Studio will help connect design teams and industry professionals with investment and technical assistance, will spur industry growth, and teach us lessons about how building code and policy can support clean, sustainable construction. This program advances our PlaNYC goal of reducing the carbon footprint of construction industry by 50% by 2033.”

The studio is due to open in 2024 and will operate for nine months. More information is available here.

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