Montreal’s public procurement process inspires satirical board game

Two friends in Montreal have come up with a great Christmas gift idea for jaded construction professionals and anyone overcome by frustration with urban infrastructure.

The name of the gift is the "Construction + Corruption" board game, which the two anonymous inventors devised to "entertain ourselves and keep our patience from expiring while being trapped in traffic".

The premise of the game is to get away with completing as little construction work as possible, and the longer you keep your contracts, the more money you receive.

Players are able to bribe each other and the mayor to keep construction projects alive without them ever getting finished. However, too much money and not enough work could bring about a federal investigation.

The game takes place on a board with a map of Montreal on it. It has five phases:

  1. Contract Phase: Players are given a part of the map where contracts can be bought and sold
  2. Construction Phase: Players assign their work crews and can switch them in a timed round
  3. Election Phase: After debating and bribing, players reveal their votes for a mayor; if an agreement is not reached an "outsider mayor" is chosen
  4. Mayoral Phase: The mayor can award those who "helped" them get them into power or not, if an outsider mayor is in power then they crack down on corruption
  5. Completion Phase: Those who have completed their projects lose.

The game ends with an "apex of corruption", where players flee to a tropical island to escape the authorities.

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  1. They should have a game the each individual can choose who the fraudulent characters were and the value and once played they should be able to video the game and then expose it on the web sites for the Public to ask for it to be investigated/ checked out and charge all those that are corrupt.

  2. What a game. Derived from real life experiences no doubt!!!!

  3. The loss owing to corruption is well known to all except the construction cost professional associations and the Universities who conduct thousands of courses related to construction.There is a” big hole” in the construction management courses.No University in the world is smart enough or knowledge enough to conduct a Masters course on Construction Auditing for the first time.That too when there is a potential for 500,000 a year.

    Just for the record, the loss owing to frauds in audited Govt.funded constructions has reached upwards of US $ 4 Trillion a year in 2008 according to Transparency International. GOPAC did suggest in 2015 to have a Technical Audit in addition to the present only Financial.Yet no Masters course and no Pool of Technical
    Auditors.The avoidable loss of US $ 7.61 million per minute in continues.

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