New bamboo disaster shelter can be dropped from planes

A new flexible shelter has been created that can be dropped from a plane or transported by car, or even by hand.

Called "Lofty" by its Portuguese creators, the design firm Studiomuda, it is an easily-deployable shelter that seeks to address the problems "inherent with difficult to reach areas."

The shelter is 90% assembled during transportation to allow for easy application.

Lofty’s raised pyramid shape allows the shelter to be set up on any kind of terrain, even uneven or wet lands and generates a cool shadow underneath that can be used as gathering space.

The structure is made mainly of fabric with a light bamboo structure of 4 poles and nylon mesh that holds the piece together and doubles as a bed.

Studiomuda, which specialises in "social design and architecture", says the shelters can be clustered according to community or family groupings to avoid the formation of narrow alleyways in camp situations.

Modules can easily be connected, much like Architects for Society’s hexagonal housing system, also for use in disaster areas.

Images via Studiomuda

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  1. This looks like a good bit of kit – has it been tried? I would be interested to learn more about these type of solutions.

  2. Fantastic, efficient structure which looks like it will be a lifeline for people.

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