OMA designs underwater public sculpture reef in Miami

The Reefline, an artificial reef complete with seven-mile underwater sculpture park, will be built off Miami Beach’s shoreline. The project will be supported by underwater media firm Coral Morphologic, the University of Miami and the City of Miami Beach.

OMA will masterplan the project, in collaboration with marine biologists, researchers, architects and coastal engineers.

The ReefLine will be made from modular concrete elements and will provide a habitat for sea creatures between Miami’s South and North beaches.

Phase one of the project, due to open next year, will feature permanent installations by Argentine conceptual artist Leandro Erlich and OMA partner Shohei Shigematsu. Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, and Argentina’s Agustina Woodgate will work on future commissions.

Ximena Caminos, the creative director of the BlueLab Preservation Society, will act as the reef’s artistic director.

Shohei Shigematsu, OMA partner, said: "We are excited to collaborate again with Ximena on a project that brings together culture and community. The ReefLine is unique because it brings attention to and mitigates the dangers of climate change in Miami while enriching the city’s vivid art scene.

"We look forward to working with the diverse group of experts and professionals on our first underwater cultural masterplan and sculpture."  

Caminos added: "This series of artist-designed and scientist-informed artificial reefs will demonstrate to the world how tourism, artistic expression and the creation critical habitat can be aligned.

"The ReefLine is a singular investment in civic infrastructure, public art and environmental protection that will pay dividends over the coming decades and attract ecologically-minded tourists and art lovers to Miami."

Images courtesy of OMA

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