Planning permission granted for Sydney station and Lendlease tower

The government of New South Wales has granted planning permission to the Sydney Metro Victoria Cross integrated station development, which includes a metro station, a 42-storey commercial office tower, a community hub, and 1,300 sq m of open public space.

Australian developer Lendlease won a US$330m contract in 2018 to work on the Sydney Metro Victoria Cross Station and the building above it.

Rob Stokes, New South Wales’ minister for planning and public spaces, said: "The integrated station development at the Victoria Cross Metro Station will double the available public open space near the tower and create a continuous ‘civic green spine’ along Miller Street, with landscaped terraces, outdoor dining, casual seating areas and pedestrian paths.

"North Sydney is already a strong commercial hub for Greater Sydney and this project will provide a much-needed boost into the economy, creating between 400 and 600 construction jobs to deliver the over station development.

Andrew Constance, New South Wales’ minister for transport, said: "This tower will provide space for more than 4,000 office workers on top of a world-class public transport system, which is not only transforming our city’s public transport network, it’s transforming the areas around it."

Tunnelling on the project has already been completed, and excavation is in progress. Fit-out works on the station are due to begin in early 2021, with the tower to be completed by 2024.

Image courtesy of the NSW government/Lendlease

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