Romanian developer to put solar panels on all its industrial buildings

The idea of putting solar panels on big commercial buildings is niche, but not new. Ikea put 3,000 solar panels on a new Seattle-area store that opened in Renton, Washington State in 2017 (Photograph courtesy of Ikea via Businesswire)
Tesla 50Hz (T50Hz), part of Tesla Group Romania, will build rooftop solar PV systems on all the industrial buildings of developer Element Industrial in Romania.

Over the next five years, T50Hz will cover 250,000 sq m of industrial roof space, providing 40MW of solar generating capacity.

Element managing director Andrei Jerca said the scheme would allow his tenants to get 30% of their electricity from solar generation.

T50Hz will design and install the PV systems with help from its sister company, Tesla Blue Planet.

The installations will have SolarEdge’s DC-optimized inverter technology, the parties said in a press release.

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