Sacramento starts village of tiny houses for the homeless

California governor Gavin Newsom announcing the initiative last March (Office of the Governor)
Work has begun in the City of Sacramento on a village of 175 cabins to shelter some of California’s 181,000 homeless people.

They’ll go up on Stockton Boulevard near the city centre, and will be the first installed under an initiative launched last March by California governor Gavin Newsom.

This $1bn programme aims to install 1,200 prefabricated “small homes” in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento.

News site Cal Matters reports that California has picked six companies to manufacture the dwellings.

In Sacramento, the homes will be put on a vacant site acquired by WellSpace Health, and they will eventually have to make way for a medical campus.

Another 175 cabins are expected to be placed at Sacramento’s Cal Expo site. The office of the governor announced on Friday that San Jose was also making progress with its tiny-home campus.

Governor Newsom said in a press statement: “Sacramento and San Jose have stepped up to do the heavy lifting needed for the delivery of small homes. These communities are utilising the resources and funding provided by the state to ensure that more housing is available for individuals experiencing homelessness.”

The Stockton campus, which is being funded by the Encampment Resolution Grant, is expected to be completed by late summer. Guests will only be allowed to use the homes by referral.

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