Serbian “Methanescraper” wins ethical skyscraper competition

Three winners and 27 honourable mentions have been selected by judges for eVolo Magazine’s 2019 Skyscraper Competition.

In first place was Marko Dragicevic from Serbia who designed a "Methanescraper", which is described as a "vertical landfill" tower that can combat "ever-growing amounts of disposable waste, shortage of natural resources and usable space" in a world where "more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and urban areas".


In second place was the "Airscraper" by Poland’s Klaudia GoÅ‚aszewska and Marek Grodzicki: a 800m tall skyscraper envisaged for Beijing. The tower would contain an air-intake module, a solar-gain module and a green-garden module to purify polluted air.

In third position was "Creature Ark: Biosphere Skyscraper", a vertical nature reserve designed by Zijian Wan, Xiaozhi Qi and Yueya Liu in the UK. The development would have a central research station, and would contain endangered animals that would exist in a simulated ecosystem.

Creature Ark: Biosphere Skyscraper

Honourable mentions for the competition include an ice dam skyscraper that would slow the melting of the ice caps, and a horizontal skyscraper that would cover the US-Mexico border.

The four jury members were:

  • Melike Altınısık, the founder of Istanbul’s Melike Altınısık Architects
  • Vincent Callebaut, founding member of French studio Vincent Callebaut Architectures
  • Marc Fornes, who founded New York firm Theverymany
  • Mitchell Joachim, co-founder of Terreform ONE, a non-profit architecture and urban think tank.

For more information visit the eVolo website here.

Top image: Marko Dragicevic’s Methanescraper

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