Sinopec launches world’s biggest green hydrogen project in Inner Mongolia

Sinopec’s image of the team that will build the Ordos Wind–Solar Green Hydrogen Project
China’s state-owned energy company Sinopec broke ground on an $828m green hydrogen facility last week in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The company called it the “world’s largest green hydrogen-coal chemical project”.

Wind and solar will power the electrolysis plants that break water molecules down into hydrogen and oxygen.

Sinopec said the facility would produce 30,000 tons of hydrogen and 240,000 tons of oxygen a year, which will be used to reduce carbon at the adjacent ZTHC energy-intensive coal processing pilot project in Ordos.

The complex will have an installed capacity of 450MW for wind and 270MW for solar.

Sinopec said the project is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 1.43 million tons a year and contribute around $90m to local GDP.

It noted that the project would integrate the traditional chemicals industry with the burgeoning hydrogen energy industry, and “help expedite the clean and efficient use of coal”.

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