Skanska loses $800m in the US, win $40m at home

Skanska USA has announced the loss of an $800m contract in the US after failing to reach an agreement on the scope of work. However, it was not able to say what the contract was for, or who the client was.

A Skanska spokesperson told GCR: "We’re under a non-disclosure agreement and so we can’t give more details then was stated in the press release. If we could, we would."

As a result, Skanska USA’s order book will be $800m lower in the second quarter of 2015.

There was better news for the company in its domestic market, where it was awarded a $40m contract by the Swedish Fortifications Agency to build a combined helicopter hangar and administration building in the southern Swedish industrial town of Kallinge.

The hangar, which also includes office space, will have a gross area of more than 21,000 square metres and will be able to house 17 helicopters.  

Construction start is planned for July 2015 and will be complete in 2017.

This year Skanska have been awarded two US hospital contracts worth $213m and also a $610m expansion contract for London’s Waterloo station.

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