Skanska to trial augmented reality smart helmets in the UK

In the coming months Skanska UK is planning to give some of its staff helmets that will allow them to access "instant and relevant information", overlaid on whatever it is that they are looking at.

The augmented reality technology is provided by Daqri, a Los Angeles-based company, and according to it the helmets can perform a number of tasks. These include: 

  • Remote expert Enabling someone other than the wearer see what is being  looked at and offer advice.
  • Thermal vision Helping users to identify dangerous temperatures when working with machinery.
  • Guided work instructions Providing augmented work information in real time.
  • 3D reconstructions of buildings Enabling workers to see an overlay of design information.

Skanska is the first UK contractor to become part of Daqri’s early adopter programme. It is already road testing Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, which can be configured to complement Daqri’s smart helmet.

Thomas Faulkner, a vice president of Skanska UK, said: "This trial demonstrates our commitment to exploring on site new digital technology, collaborating with technical partners to give us the potential to transform the way we work.  

"If, as an industry, we are to deliver on the targets set in the Construction 2025 strategy, we need to be innovative in our thinking."

Images courtesy of Skanska

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