South Korea to build $10bn agricultural city in Egypt

South Korea is planning to build an agricultural "city" worth $10bn in Egypt.

Located in the Qattara Depression in Egypt’s north west, the second lowest point in Africa, the city will contain 50,000 smart greenhouses, solar arrays and seawater desalination plants.

Work on the 311,400 acre development is due to be completed in a mere six months according to website ArabFinance.

The project was agreed between the Egyptian government’s General Authority for Reconstruction Projects and Agricultural Development and the Korea-Arab Society, which was represented by the Korean Arab Company for Economic and Cultural Consultancy.

Korean experts will oversee building work, which will utilise the "latest technologies".

According to ArabFinance the city’s produce will include fodder and Stevia, a sugar substitute.

The project is said to be a result of the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s visit to South Korea in 2016.

Image: A greenhouse (Dreamstime/Fred Rike)

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