Swedish firm plans undersea “kite” generators off coast of Wales

Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has announced that it plans to expand the commercial roll-out of its Deep Green technology in of the coast of north Wales.

Deep Green produces electricity from slow tidal and ocean currents by attaching a turbine to an underwater "kite" that travels in a figure-of-eight pattern, generating energy "several hundred times greater" than stationary turbine.

According to the company, the technology can work in areas where no other known technology can operate cost-effectively.

The capacity of its tidal energy array, which is planned for Holyhead Deep, will begin at 10MW, increasing over time to 80MW. A scoping report has been sent to the UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

A report by engineering consultant Xodus has already concluded that the site is suitable for future deployment of up to 80MW.

The expansion would halve the unit cost of energy produced.

Martin Edlund, chief executive of Minesto, said: "This substantial scale-up of the Holyhead Deep project’s commercial strength makes it even more attractive to site investors and creates early opportunities for sales of Deep Green power plants.

"This expansion enables economies of scale without us having to conduct parallel and costly site development."

Minesto is a subsidiary of Swedish aerospace firm Saab, with operations in Sweden, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Read more about the expansion here.

Images via Minesto

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