Three senior Chinese rail bosses killed in Mali terror attacks

Three senior executives of a Chinese state-owned rail construction company, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), were among the 22 victims of the attack by gunmen at a hotel in the capital of the West African nation of Mali.

The men were killed at the start of the siege at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 20 November in the capital, Bamako.

CRCC have named the victims as Zhou Tianxiang, 49, general manager of the company’s international group; Wang Xuanshang, deputy general manager of the international group; and Chang Xuehui, the regional general manager in West Africa.

In all, seven Chinese nationals were reported to be in the hotel, but four escaped alive.

CRCC had earlier signed agreements with the Malian government to help improve the country’s railway system, Chinese media reported.

Photograph: From left, CRCC executives Zhou Tianxiang, Wang Xuanshang and Chang Xuehui (CRCC;

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