Trump’s wall may have to be transparent to protect against catapulted sacks of drugs

President Trump has elaborated further on his plan to build a border wall between the US and Mexico.

Speaking to journalists aboard a flight on Air Force One, the president said the wall should be transparent and could be almost 1,500km long. According to press reports, Trump envisions "anywhere from 700 to 900 miles (1,100 to 1,500km)" of fortification to secure the border".

He also said that the wall "needs transparency … you have to be able to see through it" because "as horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don’t see them. They hit you on the head with 60 pounds (27kg) of stuff? It’s over".

There are currently 650 miles (1,000km) of border walls and fences in place. The border between the US and Mexico is 3,200km long but Trump has said the entire border does not have to be fenced because "you have a lot of natural barriers".

It is unknown when construction work will begin on the wall or when it is due to be completed, but the Department of Homeland Security plans to build prototypes this summer.

The cost of the project is also up in the air, with estimates predicting a price tag of over $21bn.

Image: Border fence between Tijuana, Mexico, on the right, and the US near San Diego on the left (Gordon Hyde/Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. The Mexicans have furiously been building hundreds of these ancient siege machines. QUOTE..”The largest currently-functioning trebuchet in the world is the 22-tonne machine at Warwick Castle, England. Based on historical designs, it stands 18 metres (59 ft) tall and throws missiles typically 36 kg (80 lbs) up to 300 metres (980 ft).”
    So even a very watered down version of this catapult will more than clear any wall between Mexico and America. The wall is estimated to cost Billions , but there is a silver lining , Trump has already suggested to Putin that its a great way to launder his ill gotten money. The catapults will have a price tag of around 50,000.00 US , chump change compared to the wall. Some will be equipped to fire human cargo , thus the comment …..Landed Immigrants. Other will be firing huge packages of drugs , raining down on the poor DEA agents on the U.S. side. Still others will fire off small effigies of Trump, Bannon , Conway, Kushner , and all the other idiots that still have jobs in the WH. All this will be watched live on every cable news station in the country. I can’t wait !

  2. Wouldn’t a clear wall be better for hurling sacks of drugs over so people could see to catch them. Seems like a pretty bad business plan to randomly hurl sacks of drugs over a brick wall and hope they sell themselves to addicts and then the money flys back over.

  3. This lends a whole new meaning to the phrase “the drug war”! However if it’s a military response the wolves are after they could get a very nasty surprise!!

  4. the pope said we should be building bridges to bring people together not walls to drive them apart

  5. Trump is an absolute moron.

  6. Never mind throwing drugs over the wall what about digging under it. Does Trump think a wall with stop then, there is already completed tunnels underground that have been in operation until discovered

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