Turner Construction launches wellness initiative for workers in Boston

Turner Construction, a US contractor owned by Germany’s Hochtief, has enlisted Wellness Workdays to provide "physical and behavioural well-being" for employees working on a multi-year project in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wellness Workdays will offer a health coaching programme to analyse data management and analytics. There will also be an onsite wellness trailers, with an employee acting as a trained health coach and emergency medical technician.

In a press release, Turner notes that construction employees and are four to six times more likely than an average person to use illegal drugs, and that many suffer from stress and anxiety, which can result in illness and premature death.

Bruce Ventura, Turner Construction Boston’s vice president, said: "We know the conversation around safety needs to include the topic of substance use and misuse as well as mental health, resilience and physical well-being.

"We chose Wellness Workdays to support our efforts to promote employee health and wellness, rather than only taking measures to treat illnesses and injuries."

Debra Wein, Wellness Workday’s chief executive, said: "We are excited to launch Turner’s innovative and engaging programme, which highlights the future of well-being for construction and trades. This initiative will re-envision how employees access the wellness trailer and enhance the services available at each jobsite.

"While triage remains a focus of the trailer, the promotion of health, safety, wellness and thriving, at work and at home, will also be a primary focus."

Image courtesy of Nik Shuliahin/Unsplash

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