UNStudio team to design expansion of Texas public transport system

Austin’s Pennyback Bridge (Geoff Frink/Dreamstime)
A team comprising Dutch architect UNStudio, America’s HKS and Denmark’s Gehl has been selected by the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) to work on the architecture and urban design of Project Connect, an expansion of Austin’s public transit system.

The trio will develop a human focused, system-wide transit system for Project Connect’s light rail programme, inspired by Austin’s history and landscape.

The full Project Connect development will link light rail, bus routes and other public services across the Texas state capital.

Chi Lee, HKS’ principal, said: “Project Connect will transform Austin by making more neighbourhoods accessible and affordable while promoting sustainable growth and development.”

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio’s founder, said: “Austin is a city experiencing rapid change as more and more people are drawn to its high quality of life and vibrant cultural scene. Project Connect will advance this by creating a human-centric transit system that celebrates Austin’s culture and diversity, while making the city more accessible for all of its citizens.”

Design research will begin this month and continue throughout project’s development. ATP plans on sharing a plan for the light rail system in the spring of 2023.

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