US company successfully tests robot system to install solar panels

Image courtesy of Sarcos
American robotics and technology company Sarcos has completed a pilot project that uses robots to install photovoltaic panels.

During the field trial, an autonomous vehicle with a Sarcos robotic arm combined with an autonomous delivery vehicle to install the panels.

The project, which is officially called the Outdoor Autonomous Manipulation of Photovoltaic Panels, is funded by the US Department of Energy. The aim is to use robots to turn the various stages of solar panel installation into a single process.

Sarcos says the system will be capable of plugging the US’ skills gap in solar installation, as well as reducing time and cost, and avoiding injuries.

Kiva Allgood, Sarcos’ president, said: “Achieving this market validation and field test milestone is a mission-critical step on our path to commercialising our robotic solar field construction solution and, ultimately, enhancing safety and productivity in the solar field construction industry.”

Sarcos hopes to launch a fully functional robotic solar project in 2024.

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