VolkerWessels to build 200-unit Utrecht apartment complex

Image courtesy of Altera
Wessels Rijssen, a subsidiary of Dutch contractor VolkerWessels, is to build a 200-unit rental development in Utrecht for real estate firm Altera.

The building will contain 78 three-bed and 122 two-bed apartments, ranging in size from 53 sq m to 84 sq m. All units will be in the “medium-price” range.

The project will also contain 600 sq m of commercial space, 87 parking spaces and 667 bicycle parking spaces.

Wessels Rijssen will use VolkerWessels’ BouwHub construction logistics site in Utrecht.

Johan Koenderink, Wessels Rijssen’s director, said: “All the necessary building materials will be transported to the BouwHub. From the BouwHub, the entire logistical process of the construction chain, from supplier to building site, will be arranged.

“The suppliers are unloaded without waiting times, the deliveries are prepared in day packages and these are transported to the building project in the most intelligent way. Fewer trips to the construction site, less inconvenience for local residents, lower transport costs, lower carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions and a faster construction time.”

Jaap van der Bijl, Altera’s chief executive, said: “With the purchase of the homes on the Beneluxlaan in Utrecht, we are further fulfilling the large demand for affordable housing in the city. Together with the fulfilment of our set ESG requirements, this project fits well into our sustainable and young housing portfolio.”

The project site is located on the corner of Beneluxlaan and Vasco da Gammalaan in Utrecht.

Work on the project is due to begin in August 2022.

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