Work resumes on Chicago’s floating eco-park

Work has begun on the second phase of the "Wild Mile", a floating eco-park on the Chicago river. The initial 139 sq m phase was completed by developer Urban River in June 2017; the second is to be finished this year, and the project will finally be over in 2020.

When finished, the park will contain floating gardens, forests, wetlands, public walkways and kayak access points. It will span the entire east side of Goose Island in the North Branch Canal of the river.

At present, multiple species of fish, birds, invertebrates and reptiles have been using the habitat, with future inhabitants expected to include mammals and amphibians.

Image courtesy of Urban River

Hardware is engineered to survive Chicago conditions year-round, with floating structures containing:

  • UV resistant thermo-fused tough floats
  • Marine-grade engineering to withstand all weather conditions
  • Concrete anchors secured using weighted guide rails
  • Locking stainless steel quick connect system – allows for additional habitat to be added.

Urban River says the project is important to wildlife in the river, will help with water quality and could be part of the curriculum for students.

Top image courtesy of Biomatrix Water

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