Worker meant to be supervising NY subway maintenance “regularly” flew to Florida instead

A New York subway train in the Bronx (Paul Hakimata/Dreamstime)
A New York transit worker who was meant to monitor maintenance work on the city’s subway system often took unauthorised leave and travelled to Florida.

An investigation by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) based on work and airline records found that the unnamed employee was “regularly” absent from the workplace.

The man, who worked as a general superintendent, was meant to oversee the inspection, maintenance and repairs of elevators and escalators from 14th Street in Manhattan up to the Bronx.

He was also found to have not clocked out of work at the end of his shift and would falsely claim a different sign out time to his superior. 

Daniel Cort, the MTA’s inspector general, said: “Elevators and escalators are a critical component of our transportation system, especially for people with mobility challenges who depend on them.

“Managers who oversee the maintenance of elevators and escalators perform a crucial role and cannot shirk their responsibilities. This individual has now been held accountable for his failure to perform his duties and for his dishonesty.”

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