California website shows progress of every infrastructure project

A welder at work on California’s high-speed rail line (Scott Waters)
The state of California launched a website yesterday tracking the progress of state and federal infrastructure projects and how taxpayers’ money is being spent on them.

The site aims to promote the effects of public investment and coincides with what Governor Newsome called “the biggest investment in infrastructure since the 1950s and 60s”.

Website users can see the state’s plans to build a statewide clean energy system, strengthen its water resilience, repair roads, bridges and public transit, and expand high-speed internet.

Currently, projects worth $41bn are displayed.

Sacramento plans to invest $180bn in infrastructure projects over the next decade.

Two particular aims are to illustrate the effect of spending on wealth inequality and climate change.

The state says economic equity is its “North Star”.

It says it’s especially focused on making life better in areas that are disadvantaged, underserved, or polluted.

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