Cement industry has “25-year surplus”

(Pina Panpisal/Dreamstime)
Ali Emir Adiguzel, the director of the World Cement Association (WCA), has said there is “enough cement for the next 25 years”, website World Cement reports.

Speaking in Dubai at the WCA’s sixth annual conference, Adiguzel said demand had substantially weakened, resulting in increased costs, particularly in Europe, where prices had risen 15%.

He said: “Despite our achievements, there is more work to be done in the years to come. To reach our net zero goal by 2050, we must reduce carbon emissions.

“The technologies and mechanisms for this endeavour appear available, although currently minuscule and not economically fully feasible. Regulatory frameworks must evolve to minimise costs for end customers. Collaboration between the private and public sectors is imperative to facilitate carbon reduction.”

Adiguzel added that much remained to be done to promote recycling, decarbonisation and investment in new technology.

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