Henning Larsen team aims to make Canberra the arts capital of Australia

Images courtesy of Henning Larsen
Plans have been unveiled for a renovation of the Canberra Theatre Centre (CTC) by Danish architect Henning Larsen, UK consulting engineer Arup and Australia’s Architectus.

The original 1965 building will be revamped and expanded across multiple venues, enabling it to accommodate contemporary music, comedy, circus permormances, musicals, ballet and opera productions that it is currently too small to handle.

Preliminary designs depict a theatre building with a façade that references Canberra landmarks.

The CTC will act as the heart of an Canberra’s Civic and Cultural District, which hopes to make the city Australia’s arts capital.

Viggo Haremst, Henning Larsen’s design director, said: “We’ve approached the design with great care considering the architecture, interior design and landscaping to create a vibrant and inclusive place that honours the history and beauty of the land.

“A cultural hub that celebrates the community, its diverse heritage and artistic expression, where people come together to share in the power of performance and storytelling.

The project’s design, consultation and approval phase is due to continue into 2024, with no date set for construction.

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