Lego names project manager and contractor for $1bn Virginia factory

Managers from Gray|Hourigan tour the Virginia site (Lego Group)
The Lego Group has announced a project manager and main contractor for its $1bn factory project in the US state of Virginia, but said the main construction phase would begin a year later than originally planned.

The project will be organised by Ho Chi Minh-based Preben Elnef, which is also managing a similar production facility in Vietnam.

It will be built by a joint venture between Kentucky contractor Gray Construction and local company Hourigan.

Lego said in a press statement that Preben Elnef had spent the past three years overseeing the construction of its Vietnamese base, which is scheduled to begin production in 2025.

Gray|Hourigan, as the joint venture is called, will start site preparation and foundations this year, with a view to beginning the main construction phase in 2027.

Preben Elnef reviews the model for the factory (itself made of Lego bricks) with the Gray|Hourigan team (Lego Group)

The 140ha site is located in the Meadowville Technology Park in Chesterfield County, between Richmond and Petersburg.

Carsten Rasmussen, Lego’s chief operations officer said the company was pleased with the progress it was making.

“We are excited Preben has agreed to become the programme leader, where the team will benefit from its recent experience establishing our presence in Vietnam and building our second new factory,” he said.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Gray|Hourigan to commence construction work and retain the good momentum we’re seeing across the site.”

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